Pallet Wood table for under $20

Hi all,

Ann-Louise has been busting me to get an outdoor table and I was determined not to just buy one but build one. So here are the photos of the table I built from pallets and a breakdown of materials and costs. 

Total of 6 pallets were used to make this which I picked up all for free! (note … never pay for pallets. There are plenty around but make sure you get the ones that have been heat treated rather than chemically treated. I will show a pic of what that looks like)

Tub of external timber screws which was about $17 for 500 and I still have heaps left.

2 litres of stain which i picked up from the tip shop at $1 per litre. Easily $40 if you bought from Bunnings.

Its really not that hard and if I can do it I’m sure you can too. Give it a go as its incredibly rewarding and also saves a few $$$ and trees.


So as mentioned … step 1 is to collect as many pallets as you can. Cruise industrial areas and scour gumtree.



Then the fun begins. Dismantling pallets and prep takes the most time. But it really does pay to make the effort. I spent alot of care removing nails as i didn’t want a stray one puncturing tyres.



Legs and frame are next. I did sand the legs at this point as i knew after it was built it would be much harder!20180503_12014120180503_10233820180503_121536


Added a temp centre brace as a guide to line up the boards at 45 degree cuts20180503_12263420180503_15013320180503_16530920180503_165508


Trimmed off the edges and put a finishing edge around.20180504_15502920180504_155051


Almost there ….. now for sanding … and lots of it! and then time to stain.20180506_161303

The burn mark is what you are looking for to identify the heat treated pallets which are chemical free.20180516_135022


and there we have it. Tempted to build in a long ice bucket along the middle of the table but thats for another day. 20180516_135034

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