Farmdate 02/05/18 – 16/05/18

The last 2 weeks have been such a flurry with lots of exciting events as well as the 1st death at the farm…. keep reading to find out what and how!

The kids are back at school, we visited some wineries, went to AgFest, built fences and Freddo got to hang out with his brother.


The kids are back to school which means its time for me to get back to work. Starting by picking up over 30 pallets and starting on my next project which is building Ann-Louise the outdoor dining table that she has been asking for. I’ll do a separate post with all the the construction photos.

Jasmine was very excited this week as she got to wear her winter uniform and most importantly for her, she got to catch the bus to and from school. (the best part is that our awesome bus driver Lindy stops right on our drive way!)20180501_08193520180503_080138

We also managed to get out to explore a bit. We went on a wine tour with friends from Island Adventure Shuttles.

We visited 5 different wineries but a definite highlight was the visit to Waterton Hall Wines. They have an incredible property and definitely worth a look if you are down this way. Amazing buildings and a view that cannot be beat.


We also got out to AgFest. Personally I wasn’t expecting much after seeing AgQuip in Gunnedah. But I have to say that I think that AgFest was just as good and although slightly smaller would still take a few days to get around and I look forward to it next year. Hopefully with the food truck there!



On the animal front we had a visit from Freddo’s brother, Toby. It was mayhem having 2 psycho puppies and I think both of them very very tired by the end of the visit.


The chicken coop now has residents!! We have 6 ducks and 7 chooks. (there was 8 but the smallest one decided to jump in the very shallow 10 cm deep water tub and drowned). I have built a new bath platform which should stop the problem reoccurring.

It’s nice to finally have some “livestock” on the farm but the best part is watching the kids engaging with the ducks and chooks. Jasmine particular has become very fond of them and I do have to remind her that we will eat them at some point! She doesn’t seem to be phased or maybe she doesn’t understand … but all she says is that “chicken is Yummy!!”


And now the update on fencing! I have discovered that I rather enjoy building fences and have done exactly that over the last 2 weeks. I’ve put this bit on a vlog for you all so I hope you enjoy! I’ve also done another video that I recorded this morning just because it was -1 and coooold! I love it!

Anyway thats all for this update. The table construction post coming soon!



One thought on “Farmdate 02/05/18 – 16/05/18

  1. Loved the read Jase! Such an amazing lifestyle you’re now living. Well done mate 🙂 look forward to more updates!


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