Farmdate 07/03/18 – 01/05/18

Firstly let me apologise for the absence of farmdates. It’s great that so many of you are asking for the next one, so here it is.

The kids are now back at school after a long 4 week holiday. We all had a great time in Phuket with our most awesome kiwi holiday BFF’s. 10 days of fun in the sun, feasting, drinking and scootering around.


But as much as we enjoyed long necks and ice coffees, holidays must come to an end and back to reality.

Recently on the farm we had a visit from Aimee and Cory. Massive shout out to Aimee for lending a hand and giving it a go. She is a natural green thumb and a work horse! Veggie patch has now been extended and planted with garlic, brussel sprouts, broccoli, chinese cabbage as well as a whole heap of new seeds being kicked off. She did it all on her own whilst I was farting around with the fencing.

Cory did ok too… spending most of his time playing barbies with Jasmine. (maybe because we told Jasmine that uncle Cory has a big barbie collection and loves playing barbies).



I’ve also started building a few raised garden beds. These cost about $10 to build from recycled or 2nd hand materials. (colorbond and pallet wood)

Im starting them off with a “hay bale” method. If you want to know more about it there are a ton of YouTube vids but in a nutshell you get bales of hay, condition it by adding nitrogen (blood n bone) and let the core of the bale start to decompose and compost. Then after a couple of weeks it should be ready for me to plant straight in to the bale, hopefully with the seedlings that Aimee has just planted.


I’ve spent most of Tuesday and today collecting free pallets. I’ve now got 30 or so that I need to start pulling apart for my next project which will be an outdoor table.


On the animal front, the dogs got some winter accessories and Freddo got desexed.


We are also getting ducks this Friday from my very dear friend Luca. I’ve been spending a fair bit of time getting ready for this and I’ve done a little video. I’ll do a separate post with the “How I built a chicken/duck coop” later if people are interested. If you are please let me know.


Lastly, but most importantly, I will be spending more time on the food truck and getting it up an running. I will have to put working on the land lower on the priority list if I am to execute on this food truck.

The exciting part is that through out my travels and many conversations throughout the day, I have learnt that there is a massive demand for the food truck and many businesses ( specifically wineries) are wanting me to get the truck to their locations.

This is very exciting news so it’s really time to knuckle down on it and get rolling. With that being said I would also like to show you a preview of the name and logo that created. Welcome to Bird n Herd Barbecue !!

If there are any creative minds out there that can help me improve on my povo attempt please reach out as I will gladly accept any and all support.

Look out over the coming weeks as the farmdates will revolve more around the food truck and less about the farm/land.

Thanks again for tuning in and for your support!


One thought on “Farmdate 07/03/18 – 01/05/18

  1. Suggestion on your logo: edit the letter D in each word so there is no sticky-outey bit on the inside of the letter. Maybe I’m just dof (South African for ‘dumb’), but they make it easy to misread the second word as herb. Do both Ds for consistency. It should look OK as the other letters with circles (R, B) don’t have twiddly bits on their inner curves.


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