Top 10 – Difference between Sydney and Launceston

Hi all,

Just a quick top 10 of things I have noticed so far. Some obvious …. some not so …

10 – Every one calls everyone else “Cobber”

9 – Nearly all pubs close at 9:30 pm … or there abouts

8 – Ads are typically for lifts for the elderly and retirement homes

7 – Dinner … It’s called dinner …. not Tea …  tea comes in a bag dipped in hot water!!

6 – Maccas is only available in town ….

5 – Our pizza delivery driver is white. Has literally never ever happened in my life!

4 – 4 cars at a set of lights is considered heavy traffic, but “round the corner” could be 10 kms away

3 – Reception …. is absolutely rubbish

2 – Footy is not footy …. I miss talking about real footy … not this afl palava  #PANTHERPRIDE!!

1 –  Everyone knows everyone !!!!

Thats it for the moment … but im sure there will be more to add.



2 thoughts on “Top 10 – Difference between Sydney and Launceston

  1. It all sounds great mate except for the footy and the pubs closing early. “2018, year of the Warriors perhaps..”


  2. I think you need to introduce some South Africanisms to add to the laid back life. ‘Now’ means ‘maybe later, but definitely not immediately’. ‘Just now’ means ‘later — possibly even today’. ‘Now now’ has a much greater sense of urgency and indicates ‘as soon as I can get to it — probably today’.


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