Farmdate 21/03/18 – 06/03/18

What an incredible couple of weeks it has been. The kids are loving having a horse around and I think they are starting to become used to the country/regional life.


Ann-Louise is also very much enjoying a horse around and has fallen in love with having a horse on the property. So much in fact that as her birthday present I have decided to buy her a horse. The only condition I put on this is that we take our time to really find the right horse.

Te celebrate her birthday we went to Josef Chromy Winery and I must say that even if you aren’t a wine drinker, it was a fantastic place to visit. It may have inspired me to get my own trestle of grapes and maybe even pump out our own vintage…


We also decided to visit the Exeter Show which was great for the kids but also an interesting experience for me. I was without doubt the most ethnic person amongst the thousands of others. Interestingly though I feel so at home here and completely in my element. Of course like any show there was lots of fruit, veg, flowers and animals on show and we finished the day off hanging out with some friends and Zachy got a personal tour on a police car playing with the sirens. Guess what he wants to be when he grows up ……. if you guessed a police officer you would be wrong!!! He actually wants to be a builder so that he can build his own house and dosen’t have to waste money buying one. Then he can spend more on Nerf blasters ………………………………………. sigh … not sure the right message is getting through.


Finally Bridgenorth Valley Estate has produced our 1st harvest with these 2 perfect zucchinis. Over the course of the week we have harvested a dozen or so with plenty more to come. We were also able to pick loads of black berries which are now starting to take up space in the freezer. Was great to see the kids harvesting!

The vege plot has expanded a little with the winter crop of snow peas and some leeks put in the ground. The existing crop of cauliflower is doing well and the corn may still produce if the weather holds out for a few more weeks.


Wednesday was Launceston Cup day and so no school. Was feeling the urge to display my aussieness… it just happened that my flag pole was delivered, so we went to Bunnings, had a snag in the back on the ute and put up the flag!!


Now … on to the business update ………

Macarons Made with Love has a new logo and menu. I launched it with a competition and at the same time it has generated a number of orders which I am happy with. Its a great little thing to have on the side ….. If you haven’t seen it please check it out on the link there ——>

The really really big news is the introduction of the newest asset at Bridgenorth Valley Estate and I pick her up in a couple of days. This arm of the business is yet to be named and I am in the midst of deciding that now.

So this is the beginning of the food dream. I’ve always said that I don’t have a food dream like contestants on certain reality TV shows … but I do have a passion for good food. So why not start a food truck! So here it is along with the new smoker to add to my ever growing BBQ collection… (note the smoker picture is not my actual smoker…. mine is still in a box… but how awesome is it that I can fit 10 whole chooks at the same time)


The food will be smoked BBQ low and slow style. Beef/Pork/Lamb ribs, brisket, beef cheeks, chicken wings etc etc. I’m developing and testing the menu over the coming weeks. I also have to sort out a lot of paperwork/accounts/business stuff to make sure the books are in order and ready to roll. Planning on having everything ready to start producing by the end of May.

If you have any ideas re the name or logo/mascot/exterior design please let me know. Who knows … if I use your idea you may just get a 100% off discount card for life!

Also if you are in Lonnie and wouldn’t mind some casual work, holla out!

I cannot contain my excitement and the dream is starting to feel very real!

Coming up will be a couple of blogs that aren’t farmdates. One about the difference between Sydney and Launceston and the other one is a “how to” of sorts on how to convert a used Keg into your own smoker/BBQ. look out for those over the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Farmdate 21/03/18 – 06/03/18

  1. Wow Jase – so much going on! Love that you are going to get a horse, and the veggies are looking awesome! Will definitely have to organise a trip to the apple aisle to get me some chicken!


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