Farmdate 16/02/18 – 20/02/18

Big news this week with with the last update on digging holes. I promise this is it… there will be many more that need to be dug but I don’t think you need an update each time i dig one.

We kick off the weekend in the garden. The temp is starting to drop and the 2 meat heads decide that they want to be farmers this morning.


We did spend more time getting ready to work than working itself .. but they had fun for the 10 minutes they were out there with me. Actually credit to Zach as he helped with the planting and fencing of the passion fruit tree.

Speaking of which .. we have Passion fruit tree 2.0 in the ground. So far the protection is doing its job and holding strong.


So on to the most exciting news !!!

I finally got that bloody boulder out! There was some very unsavoury words in frustration leading up to that point and many more in relief after. Possibly words that even surprised Ann-Louise.

However with a shift of mindset and using brain rather than brawn, and also with the assistance of some machinery the boulder came loose.




On Sunday we welcomed a visitor to Bridgenorth Valley Estate. This is Jasmine the horse and we are horse sitting for a few weeks. The kids are very excited and Twix is engaging nicely with the horse … but I actually think that it is Ann-Louise who has fallen in love. I do understand that having a horse can be enjoyable but they are just not productive. I can’t eat them, I can’t milk them and really its just eating the grass which sheep or cows could do… anyhow .. lets see what happens over the next few weeks and I may reconsider my position on this. She is a beautiful horse though.


That’s all for the moment. I am working on a couple of “how to” videos/blogs so look out for them over the coming weeks.

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