Farmdate 09/02/18 – 15/02/18

RAIN !!! we finally have rain in another big week on Bridgenorth Valley Estate and boy is there a lot to update.

  • The business news
  • Veggie/pretend farmer
  • Kids

So from a business front, I have been spending a lot of late nights setting up domain names and websites/blog. I’ve had to pull out some 1st year uni coding and boy was it rusty, but I’m happy with where it is at right now. Terence/Kev/Ian – I will be hitting you up soon for some web support.

I also have begun the process of having our kitchen certified and registered as a commercial kitchen. There is a lot of red tape and hurdles to jump and sometimes it just feels all too hard. Then I start window shopping for the food caravan/trailer and all the motivation comes back. There are some big plans ahead but like I mentioned on a previous post… it’s all about the prep and planning in order to have a solid foundation. This is not something I want to do half arsed.

So on to the garden. We finally have rain!!. I was glorious to watch. This topped up the water tanks which was a relief for us and for the plants. (for those that don’t know we aren’t on town water and rely on the rain for our water needs)

The veggies have boosted after the rain and seems like the local wildlife agree however the temp in Launceston has been higher than expected which has cause all my chinese cabbage to bolt to seed and hence won’t produce anything we can eat. So out they come to make space for the new crop. A lesson learnt that sometimes nature has other plans and we have to adjust accordingly.

Speaking on nature, we have also had some very strong winds over the last few days which has caused havoc with power outages across the district. The wind has also bent over some of my corn and I’m not sure if they will recover from it. Lets hope that its not another crop that I rip out.


There is also some new additions which I bought on a whim. Like my dad says … “it was cheap”… so I scored 2 new nashi pear trees and a cracking cherry tree. Under $70 for all 3. Now 3 new trees mean something … that is right you guess it … 3 new holes that need to be dug. So guess what… today .. I dug a hole! Watch the video and see how good I go!.. I also ended up with a mad blood blister under my callus




This week also marked the very 1st time that I have been home alone for the day. Both kids off to school and Ann-Louise at work. How nice it was to have some quiet time if only for a couple of days. The remainder of that days I have managed to spend some quality 1 on 1 time with Jazzy and that makes me so incredibly happy. We have spent lots of time chatting in the car across the kitchen bench as I prep her lunch or dinner.

She is a funny little character who just sings and dances. I’ll try capture some on video to share and I think we need to get her into a dance class or something of that sort. She also seems to be on a growth spurt and is constantly asking for more food. Specifically she has decided that sausage rolls are awesome and is turning into a bit of a sausage roll connoisseur, very quickly determining what she likes/dislikes about each different one we have.



Key learnings

1- After previous learnings about getting gloves … it seems that after buying them … you should actually wear them! ..

2- Digging holes is fun except when there are big ass rocks in the way

3- Farmers do it tough when they rely on the weather to generate their income … and that they are at the mercy of mother nature for their livelyhood. Epic respect to all the primary producers out there.

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