Farmdate 20/01/18 – 30/01/18

More digging over the last few days. It gives you a lot of time to think, so much time that I think the greatest thinkers in history must have dug many holes. 

2 apple trees have found a home at Bridgenorth Valley Estate, big thanks to mum and dad for surprising me with them.

I look forward to some juicy granny smiths and sweet gala apples.

But in the meanwhile I spend more time pondering my thoughts while shovelling dirt and rock….

Memories of year 9 English came flooding back (who said I wasn’t paying attention!) and specifically a poem by Robert Frost “The road not taken”. Specifically the last line. “I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”

If we had not made the move to Launceston and continued on the path more travelled, what would I be doing right this second? That answer is easy… I’d be sitting at my desk, checking emails, going to meetings, on the phone, call audits, 1 on 1’s, teleconferences and all the time thinking about the biggest decision of the day which was what to have for lunch? Then before you know it .. the day is over and it’s time to get the kids, then because the both of us just sat in Sydney traffic we now most likely couldn’t be bothered cooking dinner and instead make another big decision to just get takeout. (Don’t get me wrong … we haven’t ordered any takeout since we have been here and I do feel like a slice of meat lovers pizza or some butter chicken with a garlic naan. )

Then the kids are off to bed and we wash/rinse/recycle the process begins again tomorrow. It’s no wonder why the time was flying by yet I was feeling so unaccomplished.

So now we are on the path less travelled, and I’m digging holes and loving life. You could say that it has made all the difference!



Meanwhile Freddo is taking on the site manager role very well and supervises every move I make.

Ive also had to get my next lot of veggie seedlings going to make sure there is succession planning in place and ensuring a constant supply of fresh home grown veg. I’m really getting a hang of this home dad/pretend farmer business.



This week I also bottled my first batch of kombucha. I’ve decided that maybe I will have to add to the product line up with  “Bridgenorth Booch”. In a few days the 2nd fermentation will be done and hopefully we have a lovely orange kombucha to sip on. Next up will be lychee .. If you brew your own booch please let me know what flavours have worked well for you.


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