Farmdate 13/01/18 – 19/01/18

Veggies veggies veggies!!

The last few days has been all about prepping the 1st veggie bed. Long term this space will become the herb garden with the large scale veg garden planned for later in March.

Like most things in life, the key to success and the majority of any task is in the prep work. The soil is sandy at the top and clay with rocks below. Not exactly ideal growing conditions. So lots of hard yakka taking out the rocks and adding organic material to the soil.

Then there was the fence. Sure I could have splashed out and bought new fencing and materials but part of living this lifestyle is to recycle and reuse. It’s not the nicest looking fence but it does the job and so far has proved to be puppy proof.

We have planted a chilli plant, corn, cauliflower, chinese cabbage and zucchini.



The 1st of many holes has also been dug and in it now lives a baby olive tree.  They grow slowly and I look forward to comparing this photo in a few years time. I’m sure Jazz and Freddo will have grown too!



Key learnings

1- Quality prep work really is the key to success. Take shortcuts now and your foundations will crumble soon enough.

2- Digging holes is actually more difficult than it sounds. Respect to everyone who digs holes for a living.

3- Get “over boots” if you are digging a hole … or else be comfortable with all your socks becoming brown and rocks jabbing your heel.

4- Gumtree is awesome for finding bargains that you can recycle/reuse


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