Farmdate 01/02/18 – 08/02/18

1st day of school!!!! Hooray!!!

This week mum and dad left and headed back to Sydney. I am missing them already and so are the kids.

Soon enough the 7th of Feb was here… and it was time for the 1st day of school. The kids were up at 5.30 all dressed and ready to go. They go to Exeter primary school and from our inital visit and so far it seems like a fantastic school.

I was dreading the drop off, which would most likely end up with Jasmine in tears. I knew Zachy would be all good though. To my surprise drop off went super smoothly and off the kids went on this new and exciting adventure for them.

Happy Days !!!


The last few days have been spent maintaining the garden and mowing lawns. So here is an update of where we are at.

All the veg is taking off and growing very well. The corn and zucchini in particular have established very well. the passion fruit tree however has suffered a slow an painful death. My fault though… thinking that Freddo would be able to resist the temptation.

I’m also experiencing the influx of pests when dealing with healthy veggies. Slugs are everywhere, and those bloody white cabbage butterflies …  These are pretty much the 1st pests that any newbie will experience, and the fact that I am whinging about them just shows how much of a noob I am. However frustrated I am about the pests, its not a problem that I want to solve with chemicals … so it’s time to get online to do some research on natural remedies. If you know of one that has worked for you please let me know.

This week I also feel my addictive personality really come to the surface now that I can’t just go out and play poker any time I want. This time I feel like I’m getting addicted to going to nurseries and garden centres…… ummmmm am I turning into my parents?

20180209_19135620180209_19141120180210_08314220180209_191401freddo digging

Key learnings

1- Don’t trust puppies

2- Watching veggies grow is incredibly satisfying

3- Watching kids grow is even more satisfying!

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