Farmdate 11/01/18 – 13/01/18

This week we welcome Zachy and Jazzy officially to Bridgenorth Valley Estate along with mum and dad for the next few weeks. 20180118_09085920180119_155253

Its been over a week since we left Sydney and we were missing the kids. It was great to have them home. I say home because it was only really now that this house felt like a home.

Also having mum and dad around has been an absolute dream with so much help from mum with the unpacking and from dad who spent quality time playing and absorbing the kids time.

There was some construction and destruction this week.

Ann-Louise, Dad and I spent the better part of 3 hours assembling a monster of a trampoline.

Putting together a trampoline really does bring out the worst in me!! However seeing the excitement on the kids faces was priceless and quickly washed away the frustrations that built up during the assembly process. Even mum had fun!


Destruction came in the form of a new toy! This one really makes me feel like the pretend farmer I am hoping to be.

The new ride on mower was finally delivered! This moment is one I have been waiting for. I have spent countless hours browsing websites and watching youtube videos of people cutting their lawns. There is so much complexity when it comes to picking the right mower …. tractor vs zero turn, cutting deck size, etc etc (am I starting to sound like i know what I’m talking about yet?) … but when it came to the crunch I still picked the one with the highest top speed and most hp…. couldn’t help it. What can I say … winning is winning. In all seriousness though .. if you want to talk ride on mowers, comment below as I am always up for a good mower chat.

I quickly hitched up the trailer, put my boots on and chucked the kids in the back. I’ve never had this much fun mowing a lawn and I took great pride in lining up all the toys for a photo shoot.


Key learnings

1- You must have a ride on mower to be a pretend farmer

2- Grass dosen’t grow fast enough when you actually want to mow the lawn

3- Home really is anywhere you want it to be … as long as you are with your family.

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