Farmdate 06/01/18 – 11/01/18

So welcome to the 1st farm update known as Farmdate going forward.

Day 1 – Let’s go get a farm dog!

So off we went trekking through windy roads and dirt tracks to look at a puppy. We headed down a long dirt track feeling very out of place and finally ended up at a gate with no numbers. In my head I was picturing a scene out of Harold n Kumar with “freakshow”.  (sorry Elsa if you are reading this)


Fortunately we were greeted by a couple of awesome sheep and potato farmers and 4 little pups running around. So 2 hours later we got home with the newest member of Bridgenorth Valley Estate. Introducing Freddo the Kelpie x Lab/Springer Spaniel.


Day 2 – The rest of the animal tribe arrive in 4 days. So there was lots of work to be done before their arrival. Notably the outdoor cat enclosure that needed to be built asap.

I had purchased some cat netting and planned to convert a covered verandah into a space where the cats would be safe from cars but also the native wildlife would be safe from the cats.

So of course building anything starts with a trip to Bunnings for supplies and a feed.


So it did take 3 full days to get it done with time just flying past. Most of time consumed by weaving netting and also getting a puppy to stop biting everything. There was lots of hammering U nails, lots of weaving and lots of expletives as I tear skin from my soft supple office hands. But hearing nothing but the neighs from the horse next door and kookaburras laughing at me was incredibly relaxing and it felt … well it just felt right.

So the above picture is it completed from a distance and to be honest, I’m really chuffed with the way it has come up and from a distance it is barely noticeable. If you want to know more about it hit me up in the comments below.


Day 6 – Animals arrive

Seeing the cats exploring their new environment was very satisfying and it didn’t take long for Twix and Freddo to be comfortable with each other.


We end the week with a view that I will never get tired of seeing.

Kicking back with a soothing beer … both for my belly and for my very sore and tender hands was absolute heaven.

Note – Add gloves to the shopping list…. suppose that means another trip to Bunnings.


Key learnings –

1- Respect for all labour workers. Reminder of how cushy office workers get it and I look forward to getting rough farmer hands.

2- Bunnings maintains consistency of store layout and quality of sausage irrespective of location.

3- Time flies past when you aren’t looking at a clock.

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