Goodbye and Hello

So finally the 2nd Jan 2018 was here. The cars were jam packed and petrol tanks full for the trip to Melbourne. Due to having awesome parents we were able to drive down the 2 cars without the children with mum and dad flying down the week after with the kids. I can only imagine how challenging it would have been for the kids and us to sit in the car all day to Melbourne and then on to the Spirit of Tasmania for another 10 hours.

A sad goodbye to everyone at Cherrybrook with a selfie and we were on our way. The kilometres flew by and we made it to Melbourne in time for dinner with the Hooi’s. Big thanks to Kevin and Mae who let us stay and recover at their place for a couple of days before the final leg on the Spirit of Tasmania on the 5th.



Couple of relaxing days in Melbourne spent walking shopping centres as recognised that this would probably be the last time for a while. (fyi … we were right)

So bright and early on the 5th we made our way to Port Melbourne and drove off the mainland on to the boat. (a dedicated blog later about the term “mainland”)



As excited as I was to be on the last leg of our journey to Tassie, I most certainly was not looking forward to spending 10 hours on a boat. We found a cosy corner on the boat and set up camp. I actually don’t feel like reliving that experience so there won’t be any more about that. Lets just say that next time I’m taking a plane.

The drive from Devonport to Bridgenorth was just over an hour and by far the most fun I have ever had in the Renault. The long straights flowed into twisting and winding roads which made me feel like I was driving in one of those car ads. What an amazing experience and what makes it even better is that I get to drive on these roads every day.

A few minutes past 8 pm and I found myself driving into the gravel driveway. We quickly showered and were both in bed and fast asleep after this epic journey.


Key learnings

1- We have awesome parents

2- I dislike the Spirit of Tasmania (I feel qualified to judge having been on it twice on both day and night sailings)

3- Never take for granted how awesome it is to sleep in your own bed

4- Did I mention that we have awesome parents…. (don’t take them for granted either)


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