In the beginning…

So I was thinking about the adventure so far and starting a blog for all our family and friends to follow. After going through all the hurdles of getting a blog started, it was time to start writing.

After that 1st paragraph, I experienced the infamous “Writers block”

(30 mins later…) So after multiple toilet breaks, checking Facebook, getting a drink, checking Facebook, I finally decided what better place to start than “In the beginning”

Firstly, let me apologise in advance. I am a finance guy, raised in Western Sydney and Asian… a perfect recipe for terrible grammar, punctuation and the occasional politically incorrect view.

So the beginning starts with the most common question I was asked when I told everyone we were packing up.


Short answer – Why not !!

Longer answer – Well it’s all about these 2 humans…  (I will put a caveat this answer… these are our reasons and most certainly don’t expect everyone to share the same view as us, however if you do there are some awesome properties here in Launceston.


As parents, both Ann-Louise and I, (like all parents out there) just want what is best for our kids and our family as a whole, both financially and emotionally.

We found ourselves in a rut and just going through the motions of daily life while the days, weeks, months and years sped by. By the end of 2017 Zach was 6 and Jazzy was 4 and we both recognised that if we didn’t make a change they would soon be 16 and 14 and no longer want to hang out with their parents.

So we needed a change where both Ann-Louise and I could create more quality time with the kids and also really enjoy our own careers. Obviously our decision was to capitalise on the Sydney real estate market and move regionally. This would put us in a comfortable financial position releasing the pressure to drive our careers forward which in turn creates more time for the kids as well as a more relaxed Jason and Ann-Louise.

So fast forward to our 1st visit to Launceston in August 2017 where we fell in love with a lovely 5 acre block on the western side of the Tamar river which you now know as Bridgenorth Valley Estate.

By December 2017 the Sydney house was sold, packed up and all our belongings sent to Launceston.


At this point Ann-Louise and I both resigned from our jobs with the plan of taking a few months off. But shortly after making that decision my awesome wife managed to secure a role and it was then I realised that I was going to be a home dad! How incredibly exciting!

The ideas started brewing in my mind of all the projects I was going to be able to accomplish not having a full time job and working for someone else.

The following weeks were a blur of farewell dinners, lunches, Christmas parties and we were all on an emotional roller coaster anxiously awaiting the 5th of Jan 2018.

So now you know why ….

Any other questions? chuck them in the comments




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